Olga Jovanovic

Center for Technology Transfer, University of Belgade

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 14:00-18:00

Center for Technology Transfer of University of Belgrade (CTT UB) plays a supportive role through promotional, educational, networking and matchmaking activities such as those realized through Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and other European programs in which University of Belgrade takes active part as a grant holder and partner (TEMPUS, FP7, CIP, Erasmus+, HORIZON2020, COST, Interreg, etc.). CTT UB supports the placement of new technologies and innovations, links relevant subjects, establishes networks and collaboration with the aim of intensifying the technology transfer. CTT UB provides expertise and support in drafting feasibility studies in the fields of economy and technology, as well as the assessment of the value and total potential in the use of patents and aims to encourage the transfer of knowledge between the University and the industry.

Center’s strategic goals are:

  • to attract as much people and organizations as possible in knowledge and technology transfer,
  • reinforce connections of the University and foreign parties of interest,
  • to be recognized as a stone pillar of cutting edge technology and knowledge transfer.
Organization Type University
Organization Size1-10
CityBelgrade, Obilićev venac 26 Google map
Areas of Activities

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