Jovan Perovic

head of calibration laboratory
WIKA Merna Tehnika doo

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 14:00-18:00
DescriptionWIKA Merna Tehnika doo is established since 2002 in Belgrade. The company provides solutions for pressure and temperature measurement, and offers a complete range of electronic pressure measuring instruments and control devices (pressure sensors, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and process transmitters for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure), mechatronic pressure measurement, mechanical pressure measurement, and diaphragm seals. In addition for temperature control and measurements the company offers electrical temperature and mechatronic temperature measurement devices, as well as, thermowells.

WIKA Merna Tehnika doo has a comprehensive range of instruments for level measurement available for temperatures up to 450 °C, densities from 400 kg/m³, and pressure ranges up to 500 bar. The product spectrum includes bypass level indicators, sight glass level indicators, magnetic float switches and optoelectronic switches. The company offers also a broad product spectrum of instrument calibration for the physicaly measured values of pressure and temperature. The comprehensive accessory program includes pressure gauge valves, stopcocks, syphons, adapters, digital indicators, temperature controllers and much more. The quality control standards implemented in all offered equipment are ISO 9001:2000, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and ISO 5171. The equipment is applicable for bio-chemical and farmaceutical industry. The company has a dedicated team of engineers ready to adapt all offered equipment to customer demands.
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CityBelgrade, Sime Šolaje 15 Google map
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