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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Skopje

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje was established in 1959 as a part of the Department of Electro mechanics at Faculty of Technics. Later in 1965 became a part of the Faculty of Electro mechanics and finally in 1977 became independent as Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The Faculty includes six institutes and one department. Each of the institutes, including the department conducts, beside the theoretical, also experimental activities in specialized laboratories.

Organization Type University,
Organization Size1-10
CitySkoplje , Карпош II бб Google map
Areas of Activities

Material Science



    The project deals with a numerical analysis of stress distribution in micromechanical models in order to simulate
    microstructural mechanisms of microcrack initiation and propagation in polycrystalline metals. The analysis is based
    on plane-strain finite element crystal elasticity models. The microstructure is generated using Voronoi tessellation,
    encompassing random crystallographic orientation and
    position of grains that have different shapes and sizes.
    Since the correlation between the physical mechanisms of
    deformation and the microstructure is essential for sound
    understanding of crack initiation and propagation, the
    project considers development of microstructural models of behaviour of anisotropic linear-elastic and elastic-plastic
    polycrystalline metals. The results indicate that the key
    factor for good agreement with the data obtained from
    polycrystalline microstructure, is the correct and proper
    interpretation of material heterogeneity between grains.
    The attention should be placed on proper material charac-
    terization, crystallographic slip mechanism representation
    and orientation.

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