Nenad Gubeljak

red. prof. dr.
University of Maribor

Bilateral Meetings

DescriptionThe Laboratory for Machine Parts and Structures, at University of Maribor, Slovenia the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has been engaged more than 20 years in research on fracture mechanics testing of materials, including welded joints and structural components. The laboratory has modern research equipment including computer controlled facilities for experimental research and numerical analyses, respectively. In the field of fracture mechanics and structural integrity the laboratory is performing research and analysis for academic and industrial partners, as well. Especially, industrial research and developing work was performed for steels works and other metals companies, producers of power plant equipment and energy power plant users. From 1982 to 1992 the participant led the Slovenian side in an international multilateral project “Fracture Mechanics of Welded Joints” with National Institute for Standard Testing NIST, Boulder, Colorado, USA. A further international activity on the fracture mechanics of welded joints was undertaken in the frame of Slovenian-German co-operation in 1992-1998. The project was related to structural integrity “Effect of strength Mismatching on fracture Toughness of HSLA steel weldments joints”. The work on these international projects was very successful and resulted by numerous B. Sc , M. Sc. and Ph.D. Within this time more than 100 papers in journal and conference proceedings were published. A member of laboratory (N. Gubeljak) was awarded Henry Granjon Price of International Institute of Welding for his contribution to structural integrity of welded joints in 1999. The members of laboratory are reviewers for international conferences organized by European Society Integrity of Structures-ESIS. Activities of the laboratory can be divided into research, industrial-development and education activities. Research activities are focused on fracture mechanics and fatigue testing, based on evaluation of fracture parameters of steels, welded joints, composites and elastomers. The industrial-development activities are based on the determination of mechanical characteristics of structure components and parts. The development and testing of springs and springs systems is a particular field of interest. Laboratory is equipped with the testing machines, measuring apparatus and related computer hardware and software. The laboratory was specifically developed for optimal control testing machine parameters, data acquisition and determination of critical parameters and interpretation of results. Laboratory has developed and patented machine parts for reduce the risk of the fatigue and fracture in service life time, e.g. a gear with progressive dumping characteristics, non-destroying spring washer and elastic joint bar for turbine’s conductor. The laboratory is involved in Europeans project FITNET and bilateral collaboration projects with foreign universities and institutes (in Germany (GKSS), Austria (Erich Schmid Institut), France; Croatia, Czech Republic and USA). Laboratory organises industrial workshops on Structure Integrity and Residual Service Life Time, together with foreign institutes.
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